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321 Transfer

We are a transfer platform for football clubs. Every club undergoes a thorough verification process so, you are certain that the person on the other side is a decision-maker. With us, you can sell or buy players suitable for your team without additional commissions. You will learn which players are actually for sale and at what price! And all this in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to the environment we have created for you. Can it really be that simple?


Easy search among thousands of players. Find the ideal player for your club.


Add players to your watch list to track their status and price.


Create a profile of the player you are seeking and let 321 do the rest. You will receive notifications from all over the world as soon as a player that matches your requirements is available.

Find,Hire or Sale

Write directly to the club and finalise the transfer!


Benefits of working with 321 TRANSFER

Time-saving - time is a scarce commodity, especially in the world of sports. Thanks to 321 Transfer you will avoid communication noise and prolonged talks. Direct contact between clubs will ensure fast and safe flow of information.
Cost-effective - a large proportion of clubs' budgets is spent on transfer commissions. What if some of that money stayed in the club's coffers? Wouldn't it be better to allocate it to the development of facilities or the players?
Building a network of contacts - with 321 Transfer you will establish numerous valuable contacts that may result in further transfers in the future.